From the birthplace of Krishna to divine bliss: Mathura Vrindavan

Mathura and Vrindavan, located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, are considered the two most sacred cities of Hinduism. Mathura is the birthplace of Lord Krishna, while his childhood was spent in Vrindavan. Spirituality and divine bliss symbolize these two cities, which attract millions of devotees from all over the world every year.


Mathura is a historically and mythologically important city. With a history spanning over 5,000 years, it is regarded as one of India’s oldest settlements. Many of the world’s most important Hindu temples are located in Mathura, such as the Geeta Temple, Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple, and the Dwarkadhish Temple.

The Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple

holds the distinction of being Mathura’s most sacred structure. It is home to a black marble statue of Lord Krishna, who is said to have originated there. In addition to the sanctum sanctorum, believed to be Krishna’s birthplace, the temple houses several other significant shrines. These include the Vasudeva Kuti, which is the place where Krishna’s father Vasudeva was imprisoned, and the Yamuna Darshan, which is a designated area for visitors to pray over the Yamuna River.

The Dwarkadhish Temple

The Dwarkadhish Temple is an additional important structure in Mathura. It has an effigy of Lord Krishna in the form of Dwarkadhish. The sanctuary is famous for its elaborate architectural design and the exquisite Dwarkadhish deity made of black marble.

Geeta Mandir

Geeta Mandir is a temple dedicated to the sacred Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita. The temple is famous for its extensive collection of Bhagavad Gita manuscripts and its excellent architecture.


Mathura is located just a few kilometers away from Vrindavan metropolis. It is believed that Lord Krishna spent his childhood in this area. Many important Hindu temples are located in Vrindavan, also a site of deep spiritual significance. These include Nidhivan, Banke Bihari Temple, ISKCON Temple Vrindavan, and Prem Mandir Vrindavan.

The Banke Bihari Temple

The Banke Bihari Temple is revered as Vrindavan’s most sacred structure. It commemorates the Bankebihari form of Lord Krishna. It is said that the Banke Bihari idol of the temple is one of the most exquisite depictions of Krishna in the entire world.

The best time to visit

When the weather is favorable and pleasant, the winter months (October to March) are the ideal time to visit Mathura and Vrindavan. The city can be quite crowded during the summer months (April to June), especially during Holi and Janmashtami celebrations.

how to get there

Major cities of India can be easily reached from Mathura and Vrindavan by air, rail, and road.

In terms of aviation, both Mathura and Vrindavan are accessible through Agra Airport, which is located at a distance of about 60 kilometers. From the airport, one can travel to Mathura or Vrindavan via bus or taxi.

Major railway stations in both Mathura and Vrindavan provide excellent rail connections to other major cities of India.

Road connectivity between Mathura and Vrindavan and other major cities of India is also excellent. You can reach Mathura or Vrindavan from major Indian cities by taxi or public transport.

where to stay

Mathura and Vrindavan offer various accommodation establishments, from affordable guesthouses to grand hotels. You can select your accommodation as per your financial means and personal preferences.

what to see and do

Mathura and Vrindavan host many religious places and important Hindu temples. Additionally, you can visit the Mathura Museum for additional information on the history and culture of the region.

The following are essential to visit Mathura and Vrindavan:

Tips for travelers to Mathura and Vrindavan

Dress Code: Devotees visiting temples in Mathura and Vrindavan are advised to adhere to a simple dress code. Avoid wearing shorts, midriff blouses, and other types of revealing clothing.

Devotees are expected to demonstrate reverence for Hindu customs and traditions while worshiping at the temples located in Vrindavan and Mathura. This involves bowing the head before the deities and removing shoes before entering the temple.

Food and Drink: Both Vrindavan and Mathura offer a wide selection of vegetarian restaurants. Additionally, a variety of street food vendors offering vegetarian food and beverages can also be seen.

Mathura and Vrindavan are famous for their holy souvenirs, including statues of Radha and Krishna. In addition to clothing, shoes, and handicrafts, local markets offer a wide selection of many other products.

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